Algebraically, a relationship describe how one set of numerical facts can affect another set of numerical facts.  Furthermore, a changing set of numerical facts will impact a solution.  When relationships apply to math, logic, rules and order dictate the rules.  Expectations are set.  A function applied to one number will have a clear and predictable effect on another number.

On the other hand, when humans are involved with relationships the predictability vanishes. Human relationships result in demonstrations of power that involve random and reckless force.  A loving mother with a strong relationship with her child can perform superhuman feats.  In protecting her child, mothers have been known to attack ferocious animals or physically move automobiles when their child is in danger. Men have been known to throw themselves in front of armed, homicidal attackers to protect their loved ones.  But, the power of relationships extends beyond protection.  In the most intimate sense, relationships between couples can create human life itself.

Organizationally, relationships are the cornerstone of business.  For example, a captain of industry might secure financing for a new idea largely based on individual character.  The banker and the business person do business together because they have a relationship.  As a result of the relationship-based financing, jobs are created. The capital fuels business growth which leads to new revenue which subsequently yields new profits.  Taxes are paid, communities are built. Careers are enhanced.  Families prosper. New employees make major expenditures: cars, homes, boats.  Wealth is created and then, multiplied.

In the best of worlds, the power of relationships is used to build for the greater good.  Considering that a relationship can create value, wealth, and even life, relationships need to be nurtured and cherished.  Not solely for the sake of monetary gain, but relationships have to be sustained to help develop potential and opportunities.  Relationships lead to trust and trust leads to hope. And people hoping for a better existence unleash the power to launch marriages, corporations, even governments.  Build relationships and embrace the power.

-The Voice


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