An ambitious young supervisor argues with her manager about a simple technological initiative to increase their unit’s productivity and profits.  The idea is the right thing and the smart thing to do.  The manager rejects the initiative for various strategic reasons that all honestly involve maintaining the status quo.  Frustrated by the bureaucratic traditions of an old company on the slow road to extinction, the supervisors decides to alert her network, circulate her resume and upgrade her career.

Often upgrades refer to new software versions.  Sometimes it involves a cost.  It nearly always involves adding improved features and functionality to an established tool.  Another connotation implies relationships.  In relationships, an upgrade can mean a new and improved significant other, job, or social environment.  Again, the upgrade probably requires an investment of some type.

However, upgrades should not be limited to simple, superficial improvements.  Changes on the surface may result in new technology that requires expensive maintenance issues.  The wealthier boyfriend may have a pre-meditated shelf life on his relationships.  The new high-flying job may sacrifice the family-friendly atmosphere that had saved a marriage.  The shiny, new circle of friends with incredible professional connections may require prohibitive financial costs to remain included.  A superficial upgrade may yield desirable results, but may have some uncomfortable side effects.

Preferably, an upgrade transcends trinkets and appearances.  Upon considering a balanced perspective on upgrades, genuine life improvements are achievable.  Fundamentally, an upgrade requires a desire for new functionality and new features.  Understand that an investment in time, resources and/ or money will be required.  Even downloading a free computer upgrade takes time and may occupy the computer for an unproductive period of time.

However, upon committing to a personal upgrade, demonstrate the will and resolve for full execution.  Target internal improvement.  Don’t simply buy a new luxury vehicle, develop better character.  Don’t just strive for a better education, acquire and apply additional learning.  Beyond improving social standing, hang around people who are serious about developing reciprocal and mutual accountability for ongoing self-improvement.  An upgrade performs best when it changes internal characteristics.

Create an expectation that personal improvements will yield a higher performing individual. Acquire new knowledge, accept the challenge of a new environment, improve personal character.  Most importantly, realize an upgrade is not a single act.  Continue to look for the latest productive inputs to continue the upgrade process.  It is not an immediate improvement from one level to the next.  But it is a repeated process resulting in ongoing, greater accomplishment.  Learn a new language, train for a new job skill, use better technology, enter healthier relationships, connect with a more progressive social group, just take the next incremental step in the journey toward a better self.

Upgrade Today!

-The Voice


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