The wise elder proclaimed that “ultimately the optimist and the pessimist are both correct.”  To understand how two opposite viewpoints can both be right requires a basic lesson in faith.  If according to Scripture, “Faith is the substance of thing hoped for and the evidence of things not seen“, then faith serves as a constant, invisible connection that connects an expectation to an outcome.  In this sense, faith can drive decisions.  And, decisions can drive reality.  With faith, the expectation of a positive or negative reality can result in that exact reality.  But to enjoy the desired reality, faith requires work.

So assuming an equivalent opportunity to dictate a positive or negative reality, optimism and its subsequent positive actions seems to be the more attractive choice.  Optimism is a state of mind that reveals itself as a positive outlook.  It reflects an attitude and inspires success.  The belief that positive rewards are coming gives optimism its ability to assume life-giving traits.  Optimism enables dreams to become reality.  Recognizing that optimism is potentially a self-fulfilling prophecy, its resultant positive outlook holds a lot of power.

Additionally, encouragement is a cornerstone of optimism.  To help someone else believe that they can achieve, a positive outlook is essential.  Furthermore, witnessing another’s success is empowering.  The winning attitude bred of optimism is contagious and life-producing.  People, organizations, and nations are created from ideas for something better that catch a spark.  Optimism enables confident and bold decisions.  Those types of decisions ultimately deliver fulfilling results.

Optimism is a lot like hope. Hope is not a strategy, but optimism can be.  In business, an optimistic forecast can positively influence a company’s stock price.  Results eventually have to fulfill the optimistic forecast, but value is created while that result unfolds.  It is not the optimism that creates the value, it is the expected activity that creates the value.  Then upon execution, the belief continues that subsequent success will fuel more achievement and additional value.

Similarly, optimism is a common part of financial projections.  In creating a business plan, an optimistic case and a pessimistic case may both be part of the final product.  The pessimistic case warns of risk, but the optimistic case provides a sense of hope, of amazing possibilities.  It is very difficult to achieve without a firm belief in a positive desired outcome.  In addition to optimism – planning, hope, expectation and desire all come together to inspire an expected gain.  That inspiration provides a vision for achievement that in turn activates endurance which is necessary for success. Optimism is the force that drives decisions and then activity.  Pessimism leads to caution, and eventually stops progress.  Deploy optimism on purpose.  It is the main ingredient in creating satisfying benefits and living successful dreams.

-The Voice


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