“Follow your passion!” echoes throughout auditoriums and meeting halls full of speakers advocating entrepreneurial pursuits, career changes, and plain-old personal improvement.  Commonly, passion is associated with physical desire and emotional intimacy.  However, passion requires persistence.  Lust can be for the moment, but passion is enduring.  It demands an ongoing emotional investment.  Passion emerges when an individual realizes that an activity, a cause or a pursuit is worth pouring in their innate gifting such that their impact on their world will  be unmistakable.

Without getting bogged down in the mechanics, physical passion can result in life and consequently a family legacy.  Likewise, professional passion can create wealth and in essence, a financial legacy.  In both cases, passion reflects enduring behaviors that provides a reason for living, a purpose.  Behind any significant outcome lies the passions of an individual, a group, a people.  And, these passions must be active.  Passions that are passive, are merely wishes.  Passions are not a byproduct of an objective that someone else said to do.  Passions are a direct result of what burns in one’s heart to do.

Being a doctor, serial entrepreneur, or professional athlete because parents said to work toward that goal, may yield achieving high-profile careers.  But, a truly legendary performer in any field is the individual that is passionate about their work.  It’s not just a job, it represents their essence.  It’s an activity where an individual loves the practice, the preparation, the execution, and the innovation.  Passion drives an individual beyond an activity that will define them, but toward an activity that the individual wants to define!  Passion is the gateway to greatness.

So first, find your passion!  Then, pursue your passion!  Intimately connecting with each component of the activity is the first level of reward.  But, the enduring reward is in performing the passion.  That is how excellence is achieved and value is realized.  That is where life is created!  Before the accolades, glory and rewards, realize that passion demands sacrifice.  In religion, passion requires giving of oneself completely to attain fullness beyond measure.  Passion is not easy and it is not a singular act. It requires endurance.  But, talk to a winner who has identified their heartfelt purpose, embraced the sacrifice to perform with uncommon excellence and established a legacy.  Then, absorb the tale of unmitigated joy that resulted from following their passion!

-The Voice


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