A journey is a process toward achieving a destination.  It is a trip somewhere.  Achieving any goal requires reaching a destination.  A physical journey to a specific location ends with reaching the destination.  Completing a process focused on individual goals results in reaching a destination.  Completing a task within an organization figuratively means that you have reached a destination.  In short, reaching a destination signifies closure for a trip, task or project.  It is the end of the journey.  But what about the process?

A journey is difficult.  It requires planning, monitoring and reporting.  The journey involves details.  Most importantly, the journey is where the learning happens.  If an individual travels from New York to Los Angeles, anyone can notice the arrival in Los Angeles. However, the traveler remembers the details of the trip.  Arriving in Los Angles triggers another set of events, for example beginning a vacation, connecting with business contacts, or preparing for a new life.  But the airline delay, the long drive through the desert, the majesty of the Rocky Mountains will stand out to the traveler.  In the long run these details will impact future travel decisions or be part of the story from the trip.

People learn from the journey.  In many disciplines, individuals emphasize the important process of ongoing learning.  Continuing education is essential for careers in many types of professional services.  Earning the degree or license allows the professional to practice.  Often, a successful career legally requires ongoing learning.  The journey must continue for these professionals to thrive.

Achieving any significant goal requires persistently striving toward the destination.  But, the journey defines success. Plans are essential, but they often require change.  A successful journey is not a result of the plans, but rather the execution.  The journey reflects the work.  Work creates value.  Creating value drives success. 

Individuals who value the journey benefit from meaningful experiences.  These experiences can be captured, shared and replicated.  Progress teaches important lessons.  Continuous learning, launching new experiences, and progressing toward a goal all pave the path to ongoing achievement.  Pay attention to the process.  That is where personal improvement occurs.  People regularly reach destinations that others have reached.  But every journey with its assorted twists and turns is unique.  A unique asset is more valuable than a common good.  Collect unique assets and enjoy the journey!

-The Voice



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